Welcome to Our Family Photo Portrait Studio.

Neil MacAulay owns and operates Our Family Photo which is a boutique studio. Located in Charlotte, NC our motto is, “There are significant moments in everyone’s life that deserve to be captured.  Our Family Photo Boutique Photography Studio is passionate about preserving them and creating memories that will last a lifetime.”

Neil’s interest in photography started around the age of 8 with his first 110 camera that his brother gave him for Christmas.  His oldest sister was the photographer of the family and it was her passion that sparked Neil’s.  In the beginning the photography studio was a hobby.  Conduction photo sessions on the weekend, Neil has been able to create artistic and insightful images for his clients.

In 2011 Neil began focusing fulltime on photography and his business.  He is committed to providing only the finest products for his clients.  He is consistently looking to expand his line of products and will be launching a new Couture line of wall art.

Neil has worked for Kodak for 10 years.  His images have been on display during several events through-out Charlotte.   He is constantly studying and exploring new was to take the art of photography to new levels.

Though he does weddings, senior photos and school photos; he specializes in maternity, infant and children’s portraits.  In other words he is a family photographer.  That is where the name of the studio comes from.  Neil wants to you to be able to say with pride, “These portraits were done by Our Family Photo.”

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